Enter Annette

Posted: November 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

She was drunk and she was angry
And she wanted to kill River
Because her grand daughter told her
That River kicked her puppy
and then she didn’t want to kill River

She was just up set because her daughter
was doing drugs with Eric and I asked her
what her name was and she told me she
was Annette and by the time we finished I
suspect that she was sober but that was many
bony embraces later from a woman I’d never
met before who was as skinny as gray hound

She was skin and bones and cigarette smoke and
liquor held together by a sense of desperation
and a husband that was living too many blocks
from her but she said she’d kill herself if he ever
died and left her. That she’d like to have him meet
me because he was so much like me and I gave her
my new cd and she said that she would listen and
she said that she was afraid of the pit bull named
Precious but her grand daughter was not a liar and
if she said River kicked Precious that it had to be the
truth so I told her I’d kick a three-year-old puppy if
it was coming at my ankle and that I’d not die for
my children and I didn’t love my daughter and she
didn’t seem to understand that a father might not
love his daughter so I told her that Precious Silky
had never been respectful, and had left with her
mother and that I didn’t care if I ever saw her.

But she insisted my kids were special and that I
should take credit but when I consider the lack of
credit I’d get for River, the others made it come out


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